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May 04, 2018 1:30 pm
Courtesy of Maude/Instagram

Indie beauty and wellness brands have made it their mission to streamline your shopping experience. Glossier picked subdued millennial pink packaging for its tight edit of beauty products, while Everlane launched with a well-curated offering of basics, like quality white tees and leather tote bags. The sex essentials category, though, has been mostly left out of this market revolution (as any trip to a sex store should prove).

Eva Goicochea and Dina Epstein wanted to put an end to what they say was a gendered, overly complicated approach to sex essentials, like lubricant, condoms, and vibrators, so they came together to launch Maude, a sex essentials brand with the aim to make sex “better for all people.”

Their mission? Making sex as simple, enjoyable, and inclusive as possible. The brand launched with four products—organic personal lubricant, silicone personal lubricant, 100 percent natural latex condoms, and a personal massager, which priced at $45, is the most expensive in the lineup.

Maude products are packaged in neutral colors and aren’t marketed to a specific gender or for a specific sexual experience or preference. The lubricant comes in a pared-down brown bottle with white lettering, while the condoms are packaged in white, easy-to-open pouches. The personal massager, or “vibe,” is a white, three-speed, USB-charged vibrator that comes with a natural canvas travel pouch. In all honesty, it could pass as decoration on your bedside table.

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The four products can be bought as singles, but customers also have the option to create kits of the products that interest them the most. For more info, head over to