Did you know Matthew McConaughey could sing? Sorry, I mean SING! The actor will voice a koala bear named Buster Moon (that name, though) in an animated film, called SING, about a singing competition.

Buster is “a theater-owning koala who has fallen on hard times,” THR reports. He attempts to reverse his fortunes with a competition, launching the world’s greatest singing competition. Five contestants in particular make a play for the crown, along with his best friend — a black sheep named Eddie (John C. Reilly).

“Buster is a salesman and a survivor, eternally optimistic and someone who will do anything to make sure ‘the show goes on,'” McConaughey told USA Today.

He’s joined by Reese Witherspoon who plays a pig with remarkable hair and 25 piglets, Seth MacFarlane (a mouse-crooner in the style of Frank Sinatra), and Scarlett Johansson as a punk-rock porcupine who makes it into the competition while her boyfriend doesn’t. The animals are all vying for what they think is a $100,000 grand prize, when a flyer with the incorrect info makes its way out into the animal world. Poor Buster only has $1,000.

SING will be in theatres on December 21, 2016 and will reportedly feature 85 songs. Here’s hoping ScarJo’s punk-rock prickle takes on some throaty Joan Jett and PJ Harvey tunes. That would put her miles ahead of the competition!

(Images via Shutterstock, iStock)