McConaughey was recently spotted in New York City filming a new movie called Gold and he looks nothing like himself. It’s shocking to see McConaughey, known for his gold and curly locks, like this: balding. To add to the visuals, he’s also wearing a fat suit that transforms his body. He’s playing a man named Kenny Wells, according to ComingSoon, who is “a modern-day prospector, hustler, and dreamer, desperate for a lucky break.” Sounds intense.

As you might know (or should, since Matthew McConaughey has had quite the “McConaissance” these last couple of years), Matthew McConaughey won his Oscar for playing Ron Woodroof in the amazing Dallas Buyer’s Club. The role required him to completely remodel his body — he lost a drastic amount of weight in order to depict the character’s body which was ravished by AIDS. What was unusual in his acting career until then is now a recurring theme for the actor.

McConaughey transformed his surfer bod and laid-back demeanor for Season 1 of True Detective when he played Rust Cohle, when he played the high-energy Mark Hanna in the Wolf of Wall Street, and when he was astronaut/physicist in Interstellar.

All of these impressive transformation speak to his commitment to all his roles. And this latest one is no different. In Gold, his character is supposed to team up with an out-of-luck geologist on a quest to find gold in the jungles of Indonesia as a last ditch effort to get rich. So we’re guessing he loses the city clothes for that part as well. Can’t wait to see it!

(Images via Shutterstock, Twitter))