Some people really like math. I am not one of them. Of the more irritating elements at that time in my life when I was first learning the basics of problem-solving was the constant request to “show my work.” Like, if the answer is right, and you know that I didn’t cheat, then…just accept that it’s right. Please. With the recent outrage over Common Core grading practices for even simple equations (remember that whole 3×5 thing?), it seems like math class is harder than ever — which is why this kid’s smart-ass answer to a math problem is particularly delightful.

Shared by Reddit user irishchck14 on the /r/funny board and captioned, “This is why my kid is going places,” the photo has garnered over 3.5 million views and 1,500 comments since being posted yesterday afternoon. And understandably so — this little spitfire is already sticking it to the man at the age of 6.

According to his mom, this kid’s impulse to literally “show his thinking” with a very cute and very straightforward cartoon was 100% genuine. “His smart-assery comes naturally,” she commented.

So how does she plan to memorialize this genius example of problem-solving? Though it’s unclear whether she’ll be framing it for permanent display in their home, the kid’s mom will be hanging onto it for future use, “until he can fully appreciate the humor.”

The best part? He got credit for it. Perhaps there is some good left in the world after all.