little kid
Credit: Louis Blythe/Unsplash

Ordinarily, seeing a kid’s face wouldn’t scare the crap out of us, but this unbelievably creepy mask of a little girl’s face does exactly that. Created by artist and professional mask-maker Landon Meier (known as Hyperflesh), this mask is the most spine-chilling thing we’ve seen in a while. While it’s certainly something to marvel at, we don’t recommend staring at it for too long unless you’re interested in having images of incredibly realistic, terrifying masks stalk you in your sleep.

We seriously doubt anyone enjoys randomly waking up at night, so take this little girl’s twisted, horrifying faux mug in small doses. Feel free to look at it while cowering behind your hand because it’s just that scary.

We must give Hyperflesh all of the props: This is clearly the handiwork of a talented individual. As Mashable points out, he’s created a series of award-winning crying baby masks (don’t panic: We’re not referring to those Dr. Jart rubber masks at Sephora) as well as replicas of famous faces like Mike Tyson and Heisenberg of Breaking Bad, which is so accurate, it earned the approval of Bryan Cranston.

OK, so we’ll stop stalling now. It’s just that we kind of feel bad about intentionally skeeving people out, but here’s a look at Hyperflesh’s creepy girl mask. In the video, he even tries it on in case anyone needed convincing that it’s not scary enough on its own (it totally is, btw):

UGH. That is easily the most eerie thing we’ve seen all day, and likely the reason we won’t be getting any sleep tonight.