Jill Layton
December 24, 2014 10:59 am

Ready to meet someone who will make your Christmas Eve day even better than I imagine it already is? Meet Martin Mouse! His friends call him Marty, so we will too. Marty Mouse is a rat (a shocking twist, I know) who lived an extraordinary life and happens to be the most photogenic rat ever to have lived. This charming fella had so many fun adventures — from grocery shopping, to carving his own pumpkin, to writing in his journal. According to his owner, MM (Marty’s Mom), he loved spending quality time with his human family, giving advice in his “Deer Marty” column, and playing in his band — Marty and the Corms.

In the FAQ section of his website, Marty answered a couple of questions from his fans:

“You are not a mouse — you are a rat!”

“Well, that is not a question, but true. I am a dumbo rat.”

“So why are you named ‘mouse’?”

“That’s just my name. Like Michael J. Fox is not a fox.”

Great point, Marty.

Sadly, Marty passed away on November 20th. His spirit is living on through Facebook and Instagram, where thousands of people continue to love and support him. His MM left his admirers a reassuring note on his Facebook page. She wrote, “He’s found an Internet connection in Heaben, so he can still talk to us.”

RIP Marty. We love you.

Here’s a look at some of Marty’s fantastic adventures:

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