This now-married couple literally met in the Christmas-iest way possible

Chad and Angie Koosman have what might be the most Christmas-y meet-cute story we’ve ever heard. It’s straight up like something out of a holiday movie.

Chad loves himself some Christmas lights, guys. In a really major way. Every year, he puts up a massive Christmas light display in his hometown of Willmar, Minnesota. We’re talking an illuminated spectacle that would make Clark Griswold green with envy. Even more lovely than the lights themselves is the spirit of charity behind the display. Chad collects donations for the Salvation Army from people who come to see his lights. Five years ago, his Christmas light extravaganza brought in $42,000 in donations. It also brought in a little something extra-special for Chad himself.

Chad says he used to joke around with his mom and say, “All I want for Christmas is a girlfriend.” Well, Santa got wind of his Christmas wish in 2010, and since Chad was so clearly on the nice list, Santa delivered. Big time. He doesn’t just have a girlfriend now. He’s got an amazing wife, an adorable 19-month-old daughter and another baby on the way. (Nice job, Santa.)

Chad met his wife Angie when she went to see his Christmas light display with her parents. She was new in town and unlike Chad, wasn’t really interested in finding a spouse. That changed when she met the Christmas-loving bachelor with a heart for charity. “I always said I was never getting married, I was never having kids, I was going to be Miss Independent my entire life. All that changed when I moved to Willmar,” she told Humankind.

The two hit it off and Chad proposed to Angie a year later…under the Christmas lights. (Because obviously!)

As husband and wife, Chad and Angie have continued the tradition and still put up the Christmas light display every year. In fact, it’s tripled in size since the two of them met. This year, they strung up over 450,000 lights (wowza). According to USA Today, “If stretched end to end, the cords and wires would cover 50 miles.”

They’ve also set the lights to music and have not one, not two, but THREE fifty-foot tall Christmas trees. And of course the Koosmans will be donating all the money they collect to The Salvation Army, just like in years past. Last year the light display brought in a whopping $135,000 for charity, which is amazing. Also amazing…romance is still in the air at Chad’s light display. Since he and Angie met during Christmas five years ago, several other couples have also gotten engaged under his lights. “We want to make these lights just as special to others as they have been special to us,” Chad told USA Today.

Merry Christmas, Chad and Angie!

Watch the whole story of their Christmas romance in the video below:

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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