Lilian Min
December 17, 2015 4:42 pm

Look, we can’t speak for Mark Zuckerberg or his new baby girl Max, but it’s safe to say that Dad Zuckerberg is a huge Star Wars fan, and Max probably will be too. Case in point: Zuckerberg’s post today, presumably in honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, featuring young Padawan Max in her finest baby Jedi robes:

Now, what could possibly make this post any more adorable? Um, how about the person who posted a photo comment of their own baby dressed up in Star Wars gear?

Look, we are all for babies and Star Wars, but let’s have a hand for the non-Jedi get-ups, no? These fabulous parents on Instagram get it:

Um, we’re not saying that the best part of having a kid must be dressing them up in your favorite fandom costumes, but that must be part of the draw, right? Anyway, congrats to all of the people combining their favorite things (kids + Star Wars) for some seriously adorable photos. Just think: They have an entire childhood of dressing up to look forward to.

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