When you’re Mark Zuckerberg, it’s probably hard to think of any more goals you have left to accomplish. The creator of Facebook not only runs one of the most successful websites in the world, he also has an amazing family. If you really think about it, is there anything left that he hasn’t done?

Turns out, yes. There are two things the social media mogul wants to focus on this year, and they’re seriously impressive. The first is something we could only dream of: creating an artificial intelligence to help run his home. We’re not talking something simple like an automatic garbage disposal or lights you can clap on and off. Zuckerberg means a full-on voice-activated system that does everything from answering the door to helping him with his work. He explains all this in a Facebook post:

That kind of technology sounds like everything Marty McFly and Doc dreamed of and more. Well, almost:

His second goal, however, might be more attainable for us regular people. In fact, he’s inviting us all to join him as he plans to run 365 miles in 2016 in a project titled A Year of Running. He’ll be posting his progress periodically in the challenge’s community Facebook group created for the runners of Facebook to discuss their fitness and connect over their shared goal of a having healthy 2016. Bring on the new year!

(Image via catwalker /, Universal/GIPHY)