Teri Wilson
January 09, 2016 9:23 am

Facebook founder, CEO and all-around amazing dad Mark Zuckerberg is continuing to document his paternity leave following the birth of his daughter, Max, by posting adorbs pics on his Facebook page. (Seriously, where else would he post them?) So far he’s treated us to a dazzling array of cuteness, from baby cuddles and diaper changing to infant cosplay.

We’re kind of in love with baby Max TBH. She’s adorable on every level, and in Zuckerberg’s latest baby-centric post, which shows Max in a colorful Patagonia winter onsie that’s giving us ALL the #wardrobegoals, she’s looking as on point as ever in the cuteness department. Zuckerberg’s post is as sweet as can be, but it’s also super important. His caption, “Doctor’s visit — time for vaccines!” sets a powerful example and makes a statement on the importance of childhood vaccines.

The late 1990’s brought about a controversy surrounding vaccines, with concerns that childhood immunizations could put some kids at risk for autism. Since then, many medical studies have disproven that theory, yet our nation still only has a 76 percent vaccination rate for children between the ages of 19 and 35 months. Vaccinations are an important part of protecting future generations from diseases such as meningitis and whooping cough. By posting a photo of Max at her doctor’s appointment awaiting her vaccines, Zuckerberg is setting an example for responsible parenting. Zuckerberg’s wife (and Max’s mom), Priscilla Chan is a pediatrician and philanthropist, so we have no doubt she’s got some pretty strong opinions on vaccines as well.

We applaud these awesome parents for doing the right thing. And we give them extra props for next level baby fashion sense. Because that onesie…our hearts!

(Image via Facebook.)