Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is taking his two month paternity leave pretty seriously, guys. From the looks of the pics on his Facebook timeline, he’s not doing a whole lot of CEO-ing. By all appearances, he’s spending his time doing exactly what he said he would do: Bonding with his new infant daughter. And we love it. We love it HARD.

Zuckerberg is clearly embracing his new role as a dad. In fact, with his latest post, he pretty much morphed into the epitome of every Facebook dad in the world. Behold Mark Zuckerberg changing his daughter Max’s diaper:

Can we talk about the look on Max’s face for a second? First, ADORABLE. And second, she might only be a few weeks old but she’s got her dad wrapped around her tiny infant finger and she totally knows it. So much cuteness. We can’t even handle it.

Zuckerberg is our favorite new dad, and the example he’s setting for other dads everywhere is giving us forever heart eyes. Taking time off work…changing diapers…that smile on his face…

This is the way it’s done, folks.

[Image via Facebook.]