Rachel Paige
January 27, 2016 11:03 am

Awesome dad Mark Zuckerberg just recently returned back to work at Facebook, after taking an awesome paternity leave to hang out with his (already) awesome new baby daughter, Max. There’s a lot of really awesome stuff going on here, with Zuckerberg showing that he’s going to be a 100, red underline emoji dad.

And as everyone who’s taken a leave from work knows, your outfit on the first day back hast to be perfect. Zuckerberg shared a photo to Facebook of the view inside his closet, as he made the tough decision regarding what to wear on Day One. There’s a lot of soft heather grey going on here. Not that there’s anything wrong with soft heather grey; it goes with practically everything, you know.

OK, but let’s really talk about this closet now. He appears to own no less than nine different short sleeved grey t-shirts, coupled with at least six different grey hoodies, which makes sense considering Zuckerberg famously wears the same thing every day. Know who else had an every-day-identical wardrobe? Doug Funnie. Yeah, of Doug, the show you watched every day after school before Zuckerberg invented Facebook for you to go on every day after school (or work, or whatever).

You see it, too, right? Not that we’re calling Zuckerberg an endearing cartoon character from the ’90s. He just happens to dress like one.

Zuckerberg’s birthday is coming up in May. Maybe li’l Max can get him something green to add to his wardrobe.

(Images via Facebook, Nickelodeon)