Jill Layton
February 07, 2016 11:42 am

Mark Zuckerberg is good at a lot of things. One of them being creating a small social networking site you may or may not have heard of. Another being creating an adorable baby with his wife Priscilla. And another being multi-lingual. Zuckerberg can speak Mandarin, and we’re impressed. Basically, he’s just good at life.

Zuckerberg, Priscilla and their adorable daughter Max wished us all a “Happy Chinese New Year” via a video he posted to Facebook (you know, that small social networking site you may or may not have heard of), and the entire video is in Mandarin(with English subtitles, of course). They’re celebrating their first lunar new year with baby Max.

Zuckerberg captioned the video, “Happy Lunar New Year from Priscilla, Max and me! In the Year of the Monkey, I hope you and all your loved ones find happiness, health and good fortune.”

Over the weekend, Facebook hosted their annual Lunar New Year celebrations by bringing in famous chefs from China so the entire Facebook staff could taste lots of different Chinese cuisines.

The family also announced the Chinese name they’ve chosen for Max — Chen Mingyu. Chen is after Priscilla’s family name, and Mingyu “represents our hope for a brighter tomorrow for the world.” Sweetness overload!

Happy Year of the Monkey, everyone!