Sammy Nickalls
December 04, 2015 3:53 pm

I’m willing to bet you’ve heard of Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, and his wife, Priscilla Chan. But have you witnessed the perfection that is Beast, their dog? He’s a pretty big deal: he’s got over 2.2 million likes on Facebook. And it’s pretty much because he’s an ADORABLE MOP. No, seriously.

Last week, Mark shared a pic of Beast jumping into the air, and it’s a glorious thing (which is probably why it’s been shared over 680,000 times).

“In the spirit of this holiday weekend, I want to share the most joyful photo of Beast jumping I’ve ever seen,” Mark wrote in the caption. “Even after living with this guy for five years, seeing him bounce around still makes me smile. I hope your holiday weekend has been joyful too.”


He looks like the happiest, most joyful mop in the entire world. To celebrate the absolute, unabashed glory that is Beast Zuckerberg-Chan, here are all the times he was super adorable in a way only he can.

When he got tired of all that jumping and took a doze:

When he was all like, “Hello human, I love you!”

And when he had a morning relaxation sesh with his human:

When he was chillin’ on this background and no one could actually see him:

When it was bath-time and he SERIOUSLY looked like a soapy mop:

When he was hanging out, just being super cool while his human got some knowledge:

When he was a little puppy, and he was just the TIIIINIEST little mop!

When it was his birthday, and he was a very happy mop:

And when he looked a little bit like he had a bad case of static, but in the cutest way:

YEP. All hail Beast, the cutest dog in the world. And with baby Max, we’ve gotta ask Mark and Priscilla: Guys, how can you handle so much cuteness in one household?

(Images via Twitter, Facebook.)