Briana Hansen
Updated Apr 10, 2016 @ 3:20 pm
mark hamill daisy ridley

Today is a day for celebration. It’s the birthday of the lovely Daisy Ridley (aka our new favorite Star Wars Jedi, Rey). To celebrate, Mark Hamill (our original favorite Star Wars Jedi, Luke) tweeted her a special birthday picture and message that would delight creatures stuck in even the farthest of the far, far away galaxies.

There’s so much intergalactic awesomeness in this picture, it’s hard to even know where to start. Mark on Daisy’s back is a pretty clear homage to his own training with his Jedi master, Yoda, in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Of course, the image is stand-alone hilarious thanks to the very serious face of the two actors. But it’s also exciting to wonder if maybe they’re hinting that Rey will undergo a similar training with Luke in the next (chronological) installment of the series.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Obviously, with the location being shouted out as a movie studio and the very normal, earthly looking cars in the background, this picture isn’t exactly divulging details about any actual elements of the upcoming movie. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t give us the same delighted tingles as this moment in the The Force Awakens:

Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Giphy

Based only on that electrifying movie moment and this absolutely delightful picture, it’s safe to say we’ll be totally on board with lots more Luke and Rey (and Mark and Daisy) interactions on an off screen in the future.