Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Jul 13, 2015 @ 7:12 am

Oops!… We think we’re in love. If you aren’t familiar with Postmodern Jukebox yet, allow me to introduce you (and change your life).

What started as a YouTube channel has officially risen to international fame. The Postmodern Jukebox ensemble remakes popular songs in the styles of jazz, ragtime and swing, infusing a smooth 1950s touch. They cover songs across all genres, tackling everything from Lady Gaga to Radiohead to Coolio. Their covers leave you wondering, Is this better than the original?

Their latest video features American Idol alum Haley Reinhart covering the Britney Spears classic “Oops!… I Did It Again,” and we’re totally obsessed. She belts it out in the style of Marilyn Monroe, and does the blonde bombshell proud.

Covers can be hit or miss; sometimes it’s better not to mess with a hit. But Reinhart and Postmodern Jukebox totally nails it, from start to finish. This is definitive proof they can do no wrong!

Featured image via YouTube