Rachel Leishman
Updated Aug 07, 2017 @ 2:14 pm

California is becoming known as a pretty marijuana friendly state. Especially now that a marijuana company bought an entire town there. As marijuana becomes more and more legal across the country, we’re learning of all the amazing things it can do — Like help with those period cramps or other health issues. And we’re also looking into doing cooler things with it. Like making pumpkin spice edibles. But we’ve never heard of a whole marijuana town before.

So what exactly is this new town going to entail? Well, right now, we know that the grower, American Green Inc., spent 5 million dollars to buy the town of Nipton, California. So what are they going to do with Nipton? There are a lot of speculations.

Obviously, they’ll be growing weed, right?

According to some, it is going to become a pot-centric tourist destination. false

They believe that showing the importance of cannabis can help the acceptance of it. The choice for buying Nipton is, in part, because of when the town itself was founded.

But what exactly will this city run on? While yes, a tourist destination for pot lovers, what else is going to keep Nipton alive? Or is that the grower’s only plan for this city?

From the videos and news coming out about Nipton, it’s clear that this city is pretty empty right now.

So will this new tourist attractive help bring life to this almost ghost town? Who knows, but at least there’s going to be a new place to go for all your marijuana needs. We’ll just have to wait and see exactly what the plans are for this little town. Maybe a movie theater that shows all our favorite pot inspired films? Seth Rogen movies will definitely have a new life there!

But until we know more about Nipton, we’re just going to have to wait and see what this grower chooses to do.