Karen Belz
November 28, 2016 1:20 pm
Paul Archuleta / WireImage / Getty Images

Being dumped is tough, but being dumped when you’re engaged and are filming a reality show? Even tougher. That’s why Mariah Carey admitted that watching her wedding dress scenes for her new show, Mariah’s World, was somewhat of a bittersweet experience. As you probably know, Carey ended her engagement with James Packer in late October.

Carey isn’t the first, nor the last, reality star to try on the dress yet not make it to the altar. In fact, Carey is already looking forward, and trying not to be bothered by having the moment caught and preserved on film.

Spoken like a pro.

Of course, she might be over it based on her being in a brand new relationship. At least, she might be. In the same interview, she definitely teased whether or not her and back-up dancer Bryan Tanaka were, y’know, more than friends.

(In our heads, that means “probably.”)

In an interview with E! News, Carey said that she came to terms with the fact that a marriage just wasn’t meant to be.

For the record, Carey can pretty much pull off any wedding dress she wants. Whether it’s now or in ten years, she’ll look absolutely fabulous when she finds “the one.”

You can watch Mariah’s World this December 4th on E! and see if her chemistry with Tanaka is truly undeniable.