Caitlin Flynn
November 01, 2016 4:57 pm
Blend Images - Hill Street Studios

After a seemingly endless election cycle that’s been the stuff of nightmares, we’re just one week away from rocking the vote. If you think you’re gonna need a drink on Election Day (and, really, who isn’t?), there’s an app for that.

Using the app is simple — enter your home address and Foursquare will provide you with your polling location and a list of bars and restaurants nearby.

If you live in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine, you’ll notice that your state isn’t on the map. Don’t despair! This is simply because these states haven’t confirmed polling locations yet — once they do, Foursquare will be on top of it and you’ll know exactly where to grab a drink after casting your ballot.

Blend Images - Hill Street Studios

Just be sure to pace yourself on November 8th — we won’t have an official winner until well into the night and, when the news finally comes in, it’ll be time to break out the celebratory champagne and raise a glass to Madam President.