Gina Mei
March 25, 2015 12:01 pm

It’s Manatee Appreciation Day, Gigglers — and we know what you’re thinking: Manatee Appreciation Day? How did I not know this existed?! I appreciate manatees! How do I celebrate this most glorious of holidays for one of my favorite underwater creatures?! 

Well, first of all, let’s talk about how awesome these creatures are. Did you know their closest land relatives are elephants? Did you also know they were believed to be mistaken for mermaids back in the day? And—let’s get serious for moment here—did you know there aren’t nearly as many manatees in the US as there should be due to oil spills, motorboat traffic and other human foibles that have landed these kind animals on the endangered species list? Today is a good day to read up on manatee conversation projects to help save the lives of our sweet, sweet friends.

It’s also a good time to reflect on all the calming memes manatees have brought us. Back in 2013, some genius invented Calming Manatee, a website where manatees offered soothing advice—the kind you can only get from your bestie, or a giant, kind-hearted sea creature. So in honor of the big M, here are some of our favorite manatee memes that always make us feel better about life.

This manatee is here to remind you just how awesome you are

The Ryan Gosling of manatees wants to give you a hug

Here’s your BFF in manatee form

A little reminder from the Tom Haverford of the sea

This manatee knows you’ll pull through

The manatee equivalent of a proud parent

This manatee should seriously have its own Ted Talk

This manatee wants you to remember to take care of yourself

These manatees are tag-teaming you with support

This manatee wants you to remember to be kind to yourself

This manatee is always here to listen

This manatee wants you to know that you’re perfect just the way you are

And this manatee is basically our new “hang in there” cat motivational poster

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