Kenya Foy
February 18, 2017 6:54 am
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Our hearts go out to this man who finally solved a ring puzzle after struggling with it for 10 years. A less patient person might’ve gone mad and thrown this puzzle out with the garbage approximately nine years and 364 days ago, but somewhere in this story lies a couple of valuable lessons about knowing when to ask for help and never giving up on your dream.

Now, we’ve stumbled across our fair share of simple-looking puzzles that totally stumped us, but if we can’t Google the answer (sue us) or get someone else to solve it, then all that’s left to do is pull out a few strands of hair, throw our hands up in the air and write it off as completely pointless.

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Honestly, with all the other life frustrations constantly bearing down on our nervous systems, who has time for these puzzle problems?

Well, that would be the owner of this wacky puzzle.  The object is to move the metal ring from the green ball to the red ball, which is a lot more complicated than it looks.

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The poor guy was so bothered by not being able to solve it that he wrote into a TV show for help. Our hats are off to the host went to great lengths to get to the bottom of this sitch after he gave it a try but failed. After consulting with a physicist (who broke out into a sweat, tried to cheat and drew a chalk diagram), a monkey (desperate times) and a magician, the pair got in touch with someone from the Japan puzzle ring association (srsly?!), who saved the day in under two minutes.

Here’s a peek at the finished puzzle:

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But you *have* to see what led to this life-changing moment to truly appreciate it:

WHEW! Who else just exhaled the hugest sigh of relief?