Kenya Foy
February 01, 2017 3:57 pm
Orphaned Wildlife Center /

So here’s something you don’t see every day: a man just casually cuddling a massive grizzly bear. Known as Jimbo (the bear) and Jim (the man), they’re at their happiest when they’re cozied up together. As cute as this is, this friendship between bro and bear makes us extremely anxious and admittedly, a little jealous. We wanna cuddle with a bear! Or do we…?

The problem is none of the bears we know are chill enough to hang with (see: bears breaking into cars), and even though some of them know when to behave (see: bear officiates Russian wedding), we’re just not ready to lie down in the snow while a 1,500-pound bear rests its massive dome on us like it’s NBD.

One look at this video shared by the Orphaned Wildlife Center, and we immediately filed it under Things We Prefer to See and Not Actually Do.

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Now, now bear. Easy with the “playful” shoulder nibble.

Honestly, this is beyond cute and all, but just…no. In the event that we give off the wrong impression and leave folks feeling like we have something against bears (we could never), don’t forget that we felt the same way about the guy who cuddles with the same shark while diving because an animal that can swallow you whole isn’t any less scary just because it lives in the ocean.

Anyway, here’s Jim and Jimbo playing in the snow.

And in case you doubt that Jim is the bravest man on Earth, here’s a video of him rough housing with another bear named Leo.

Apparently, bears and bros go hand in hand. But bears and us? Not so much.