Looking for something utterly shocking to start your weekend off right? We have just the thing. A man brought a peacock on the NYC subway, and literally no one cared. Well, no one cared except for Matthew Chayes, who had the foresight to take a photo of “MTA Peacock Guy” in hopes of capturing a viral sensation.

With over 11,000 favorites and just under 4,000 retweets, this MTA Peacock Guy pic did, in fact, go viral. Well done, Chayes. Well done.

But peacocks riding the MTA aside, the craziest thing about this photo is the fact that everyone is acting like this is normal. Fellow subway passengers are simply on their phones, looking seemingly bored.

But MTA Peacock Guy knows he looks crazy cool. He stares deadpan into the camera as if he’s telepathically telling Chayes, “Go ahead. Take my picture. I dare you.”

MTA Peacock Guy coined said nickname himself. As Mashable found out, he’s an active Reddit user under the name BarFreddys, and he posted his own photo with his fowl friend after Chayes’ tweet went viral.

After the internet assumed that the peacock was alive and simply using his human friend for convenient underground transport, MTA Peacock Guy revealed the truth in the Reddit comments. This peacock is stuffed and is actually a piece of decor from the Tribeca bar Weather Up, where he works. The peacock’s owner is the blonde woman next to him on the subway.

Perhaps that’s why no one on the subway car was too concerned. It’s either that, or perhaps everyone has just seen weirder things in New York City.

As the MTA Peacock Guy himself once said, “Stay classy, New York.”