Jill Layton
Updated Apr 23, 2016 @ 7:09 am
Credit: YouTube

Images of bare female breasts, specifically nipples, are being banned all over social media networks, which is so crazy, considering that nipples are a pretty important part of the human body and, you know, human life.

In response to the insane censorship, the Argentinian breast cancer charity MACMA came up with a brilliant way to bypass the nipple bans — by using male breasts. Because male nipples are somehow legal and safe for our eyes to see. The group created a video that shows women the most effective way to check their breasts for lumps, abnormalities, and any signs of cancer.

As a woman stands in front of the camera unbuttoning her shirt, she reveals two censors over her nipples (which happen to be a casual shout out to the social networking sites that just say no to freeing the nipple). So they bring in Henry, a man with “man boobs.” Of course, he can be topless, because he’s a man.

“The breasts of women, [particularly] nipples, are censored in some social networks, even if what they are doing is to show a breast self-examination to reduce the risk of breast cancer,” Monica Asturizaga, a spokesperson for MACMA said.

The video was created to raise awareness of the importance of early detection, and they chose a man as the model so the video wouldn’t be taken down from social media sites.

“It’s hard to get women over 25 to examine their breasts regularly to prevent breast cancer,” a spokesperson from DAVID, the advertising agency that created the campaign, said. “But it isn’t hard to make them check their phones every five minutes. Therefore, we decided to get to them [on social media].”

Did we mention it’s brilliant?

It’s brilliant.

Check it out: