Kenya Foy
February 24, 2017 1:29 pm
Jessica Matthews/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Bears can be pretty persistent and brave. That’s part of surviving in the wild, ya know? But babies don’t know that yet, which is why this mama bear carried her terrified cub across a stream instead of waiting on her little one to pull it together and dive in. Adulting can be scary, and inexperienced animal young’ins like this extremely shy baby bear aren’t always up for the challenges that come with being courageous.

We feel ya, baby bear. But there’s an actual study that says when your mom nags you, it’s a good thing. We choose to avoid potentially dangerous situations too, which is why we don’t blame you for not wanting to wade across this shallow stream. Either way, we can’t possibly judge this cub’s reluctance to get in the water, nor its mom’s straightforward approach to making sure she and her baby arrived at their final destination together.

Instead of acting like this bear that hitched a ride in a pickup truck, this determined mama bear beckoned to her cub more than once, before taking matters into her own teeth.

Oof. If this bear has any cub friends, they’re probably somewhere laughing their furry hineys off because *that* was embarrassing. We know from personal experience how awfully mortifying it is to have your mother force you to do something you don’t want to do, but totally need to do (but who cares what you say mom — wearing those homemade floral print overalls to the first day of junior high was *so* not cool).

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Anyway, chin up, bear cub! It’ll all be better in a few years. For now, find comfort in the fact that you have a mom who cares and will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.