Gina Florio
Updated Feb 02, 2017 @ 3:18 pm
Credit: patrickbeach / Instagram

There are a million and one people on Instagram who do yoga and post pictures about it. It seems like everyone on social media these days is a yoga teacher of some sort, and they’re all so good at yoga for goodness sake, so it’s hard to keep up with them all. But there are a select few out there who just can’t — and shouldn’t — be ignored. Although women make up the majority of the yoga world, there are some dudes out there who are just as dedicated to the yoga practice, and they’re just as interesting to watch on Instagram.

Some of our favorite Insta yogi guys are yoga instructors who travel the world teaching, others lead retreats in exotic locations, and some are just yoga enthusiasts who can do amazing things with their body. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that these guys are, uh, easy on the eyes. If you’re a yoga lover, stay plugged into their social media accounts, because they could be making an appearance in a town near you, and you’ll have the chance to experience their love for yoga firsthand. (You’re welcome, by the way).

1. Dice Iida-Klein (@diceyoga)

This internationally renowned yoga teacher is an in-house instructor for the yoga and meditation app YogaGlo. Not only is he an enthusiastic handstand aficionado, he’s well-versed in acro yoga, so you can see some pretty cool partner yoga on his page. He’s a doting dad, and his adorable son will make you *melt*. Oh, and he plays the ukulele and sings. We know, it’s almost too much to handle.

2. Patrick Beach (@patrickbeach)

Patrick can do some of the most insane things upside down. He teaches various workshops all around the world, and they’re definitely worth going to (trust us, we’ve been). He’s a super cool guy who’s really relatable in person, and he’s a reliable source for scenic yoga shots.

3. Taylor Harkness (@tjhark)

This lovable yogi will bring a smile to your face no matter what mood you’re in. He’s full to the brim with love and yoga knowledge, and you can experience his classes firsthand on YogaGlo. He and his soon-to-be-husband have the cutest dog, which you’ll see plenty of if you follow him on Instagram.

4. Brendon Payne (@sequellifebp)

Based in Orlando, Brendon is a yoga teacher who was posting yoga pictures and gaining followers long before it was a common thing to do. He’s got over 6,000 pictures to flip through, and his whole profile is a breath of fresh air. Nothing pretentious about him. Just a fit guy doing some yoga — and inspiring everyone else to do the same.

5. Jared Fu (@jared.fu)

On this Insta, you’ll find good old-fashioned yoga, without all the fluff. Jared shows us yoga postures that are clean, in alignment, and aesthetically beautiful. You’ll see a few urban pics from the Vancouver area thrown in there that add to his mystery.

6. Benjamin Sears (@benjamin.sears)

He’s been running luxury yoga retreats in the south of France since 2007 (follow @luxyoga for more info), but you can find him teaching workshops around the world throughout the year as well. He loves to use the hashtag #keepiteversoslightlyreal. We dig it.

7. Joseph Encinia (@joseph_encinia)

If you live in New York City, you should make the time to go to one of Joseph’s yoga classes. He’s been practicing yoga for years and has an incredible story as to how he got into it. He was a national yoga champion several years ago, and now he helps young yogis follow their own dreams of competing one day.

8. Derrick “DJ” Townsel (@dade2shelby)

He used to be an NFL wide receiver, and he proves that athleticism and flexibility go hand in hand. DJ is dedicated to making yoga more accessible than ever before to men, and he’s got a yoga retreat in the Bahamas coming up in August of this year. This guy has such a contagious passion for yoga, and you’ll instantly fall in love with his Insta.

9. Matt Giordano (@theyogimatt)

Matt harnessed his yoga skills in New York, and he’s been teaching around the world ever since. He’s got a retreat coming up in March that’s set in Spain, so keep up with his profile to see all the epic pictures.

10. Duncan Peak (@yogidunx)

Everyone needs an Aussie yogi to follow, and here he is. Duncan is a yoga veteran who’s been in the game for a long time. He’s a studio owner in Australia (it’s called Power Living), and you can download his iBook called Modern Yoga. Expect to see beach yoga pictures so stunning you might want to cry.

11. Jared McCann (@wearejared)

There is virtually nothing this guy can’t do with his body. He’s one of the most flexible, toned human beings on the planet, and you’ll get lost in his photos. Lighthouse Yoga School is his yoga studio in Brooklyn, and they offer classes, teacher trainings, and retreats. Jared has a lot to offer, so it’s worth listening.