Trilby Beresford
Updated May 15, 2016 @ 5:56 pm
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While delivering the weather report on KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles, meteorologist Liberté Chan frequently wears dresses — dresses that are perfectly suitable for a work environment. Usually, this isn’t newsworthy, because why should it be? But the other day, one of her colleagues came under hot water for making negative comments about her dress and handing her a sweater on the air so she could cover up.

While Chan was reading the weather report (on live television) in a black dress, news anchor Chris Burrous suddenly handed her a sweater. It was most awkward, because you could just see his arm and the sweater, seemingly coming out of nowhere (off-screen), and for no apparent reason. Understandably, Chan was confused, and asked him, “What’s going on? You want me to put this on? Because it’s — cold?” Burrous flatly replied, “We’re getting a lot of emails.” Clearly stunned, Chan obliged and put the sweater on, commenting that she looked like a librarian (which, incidentally, people on the internet did not all take kindly to).

Burrous then tweeted this picture of Chan wearing the sweater… false

… and of course, problem NOT solved! The internet went up in flames. People were mad because, even though he thought he’d solved a problem, he had publicly shamed his coworker. There was no going back. Burrous issued this apology. false

The apology did nothing, and the replies were even angrier and more emotional. false

Burrous responded to some of the tweets and asked for “another chance,” meanwhile, Chan tweeted her own apology — even though she really had nothing to apologize for. false

Then, Chan posted a Snapchat of Burrous reading some of the infamous emails out loud, where people label Liberte’s dress, “a New Year’s Eve cocktail dress” and “a display of very poor judgement.” Burrous and her colleagues keep a sense of humor throughout the video, and even reveal that Burrous was wearing shorts at the anchor desk. Naturally, Chan called him on it. “Talk about inappropriate!” Way to bounce back, girl.

Here’s the clip that sparked all of the outrage: false

We hope this will be a learning moment. It’s not okay to publicly shame someone for how they’re dressed and we’re glad this ended in an apology and that Chan was able to maintain a good attitude about the whole situation.