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Malala Yousafzai has been part of the public consciousness now for the better part of a year. After being shot in the head by Taliban forces in her home country of Pakistan for her continuing insistence on speaking out in support of education for women, she faced a long uphill battle to recovery. And while many might have been silenced by a threat on her life, Malala has not only continued her fight to ensure women’s rights and shed light on the Taliban’s activities, but she has doubled her efforts, speaking at events worldwide in support of these very important causes.

While she was absolutely ROBBED of the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala – now 16 years old – appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last week for an interview that was eye-opening, heartwarming and incredibly inspiring. For someone of such a young age, Malala speaks with grace and intelligence that is just amazing to be hold. Watch the extended interview below:

Also, everyone should rush out to get her new book, I Am Malala. In fact, buy ten copies for everyone you know because she’s amazing.