Sammy Nickalls
Updated Apr 22, 2016 @ 9:20 am
little boys beauty tutorial
Credit: YouTube

Many of us makeup fanatics have watched our fair share of makeup tutorials on YouTube, but we’re pretty sure that a recent video posted by Reddit user apclpsmww takes the cake. We may not *learn* a ton from it, but it serves as an extremely important dose of cuteness: This brave mom let her little ones paint her face.

“My [six-year-old] had been watching makeup tutorials with me and decided he wanted to film his own,” the Scottish mom wrote on Reddit. “It went. . . as expected.”

Her oldest son, Noah, started on her eyes while her youngest, Ben, shouted words of encouragement. Well, encouragement for himself, anyway:

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Didn’t you know that eyeliner isn’t supposed to be on the actual eyes? It’s actually just supposed to be plopped there, halfway up your eyelid:

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But things got really interesting when Noah decided to move on to contouring. That’s right — we’re in the Kim Kardashian section of the tutorial:

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Mom puckered her lips as a hint for Noah, but he decided to use his own creative liberties:

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Then, we moved onto foundation, obviously. Noah was a bit weirded out by the texture of it, but Ben was there to help him describe *exactly* what foundation feels like:

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Things were just progressing on so wonderfully and Noah and Ben were proud of their hard work:

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But blush was still necessary and Noah knew exactly where to put it.

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Move over, Kylie Jenner, because Noah and Ben have *really* got this over-lining thing down pat:

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Although this whole makeup tutorial is totally adorable and hilarious, it really meant a lot to some Redditors.

“I really love people like you who just let their kids have some harmless fun, I wish I had more people around like you when I was growing up,” wrote DoubleJays on the post. “I’m a 23 year old [sic] gay male and as a kid anytime I would play with anything remotely feminine I would always be told how wrong it was for me to be playing with ‘girls things’ which in turn made me really hate myself growing up & not being able to try certain subjects throughout school that I had an interest for in fear of being called gay & teased. . . Just really wanted to say that I think you’re pretty great.”

We think this mom is pretty great, too, and hope her ultra sweet makeup tutorial will put a smile on your face this Friday: