Sarah Militello-Wilson
Updated December 15, 2016

We’ve discovered the best decorations for the holidays this year: your toilet paper rolls. Wait, back up. Say what? Yes. Toilet paper rolls. This DIY video will show you how to make the cutest handmade snowflakes out of empty toilet paper rolls. A little scissors and paint, some glue and glitter, and suddenly your home will be buried in the cutest glam blizzard around.

Trust us, if you hang these snowflakes in your home, all your guests will be asking you where you got them, and you can answer: my bathroom. So next time you buy a big pack of toilet paper rolls, remember this DIY project. You will never, ever be able to tell that these sparkling decorative snowflakes once held toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes


Toilet paper rolls
Spray paint (optional)
White school glue
2 paper plates
Fishing line or other string for hanging


1. Flatten out the toilet paper rolls, firmly creasing the folds.
2. Using a ruler, mark out 3/8 inch increments and cut into strips.
3. Lay out your snowflake design and glue it together. Because toilet rolls are thin cardboard, any liquid glue should work, so use the glue you are most comfortable with: white glue, hot glue, etc. A quick dry glue will speed up the process.
4. Once the glue is dry, spray paint the snowflakes. This step is optional because most of the color will come from the glitter you choose to use.
5. Fill a paper plate with school glue and tilt the plate around until it spreads out to the size of the snowflakes. Pour some glitter into the other plate, spreading it around by shaking the plate gently.
6. Dip the snowflakes in the glue and make sure every edge is coated before dipping into the glitter.
7. Wait about an hour for them to dry. Attach fishing line to hang from the ceiling or other string to use them as ornaments.