Sammy Nickalls
November 02, 2015 6:51 am

There are some who dress up for Halloween. Then there are some who think for weeks before Halloween of the *perfect* costume. But no matter how awesome your costume was this past Saturday, I’ll bet it didn’t even come close to the awesome Halloween idea a group of college ladies had. (Don’t worry — they kicked my costume’s ass, too.)

A group of friends from St. Mary’s College in Indiana decided to celebrate Halloween in the best way possible. They used it as an excuse to have a fake ’90s wedding, because hey, why not? But before you say, “Wait, a bunch of girls dressing up like bridesmaids? That’s not better than my costume!”, no no, they went ALL OUT. They wore matching monogrammed robes. . .

. . . and monogrammed glasses and champagne. . .

(Oh, BTW, when we say ’90s, WE MEAN ’90s. Remember these?)

They dressed up in their bridesmaids dresses and took some seriously gorg wedding photos that rival the real thing (with a ’90s twist). And this wasn’t just a Halloween celebration — it was a test in acting.

“We had a flower girl, the ‘best-friend-from-growing-up bridesmaid,’ the ‘friend-from-college bridesmaid,’ and the ‘cousin-who-is-obliged-to-be-in-the-wedding bridesmaid,’” Claire Condon, one of the ‘bridesmaids,’ told BuzzFeed.

Then they had a mock wedding in their school’s chapel, with one of the girls, Bridget Hogan, playing the bride and the rest playing Wedding Singer-worthy bridesmaids.

But that wasn’t the end of their evening. They decided to hit the bar in their costumes.

Although it was the very first time they’ve ever done a group costume, they’re thinking it will probably become a tradition. But how could they beat ’90s wedding crew? “Maybe this will be a new thing for us,” Claire said. “Don’t know how we’ll top it.”

OK, yep, we know who won Halloween officially.

(Images via Facebook.)