Amelia Olson
Updated Dec 29, 2014 @ 3:17 pm

One whole year has gone by since you pledged to go running every morning at sunrise and become a vegetarian. The energetic feeling of promising yourself you’ll be better next year is a great compass in navigating life’s curve balls, and if you’re like me, some of those promises withstood 365 days, while others disappeared into the void of deadlines, hangovers, and other life forces.

People are wonderful and amazing. Most of us want a better year, a stronger self, and a more balanced life. But it isn’t always easy trying to grow. We make mistakes, do stupid stuff, and forget our goals. And that’s ok. But I have a little hunch in the bottom of my belly that says 2015 can be a powerful and important year for us.

There’s no doubt there will be rough days, maybe even terrible days, but as someone magnificent once told me “train tough to live tough on tough days.” Here are a few things I think might help us be warrior princesses who totally slay 2015:

Get more sleep

BOOOORRRRRRIIINNNNNGGGGG. No, but really sleep is something that I’ve only very recently begun to appreciate and need. Prioritizing sleep makes an enormous difference in the way your next day unfolds. Make your bed a comfortable place for you to heal and rest and be dreamy. I’m no sleep scientist, but according to the sleep scientists of the universe, there is no “perfect” universal number of hours we need to feel great. So experiment a little and find the just right number you need to be the badass you are!

Get a good pillow

I’ve been stingy about pillows in the past with a very ¯_(ツ)_/¯ attitude about what type of pillow my head rests on each night. Then one day, when I found myself in the Target pillow aisle with an extra $20 in my pocket, I took a plunge and got a knock off Tempur-pedic pillow and my neck and shoulders haven’t been the same since. In a good way.

Find something meaningful that benefits others and inspires you

I know we are all very busy, and I know it’s hard to commit to things, but finding an organization that could really use someone like you to volunteer their time will change your heart and your attitude. The world is enormous; let’s make 2015 a year of recognizing needs beyond our own.

Find a dream water canteen

It’s amazing what a nice reusable water bottle can do for your water intake, y’all. Find a water bottle you like and treat it like your child, bring it everywhere you go. You’ll be hydrated and less wasteful!

Slow down

Take your time. Breathe more. Don’t rush yourself or other people. Be patient and try to remind yourself this isn’t a race, even if it sometimes feels like one.

Buy a journal

And write down whatever the hell you want to. I’ve been intimidated to journal in the past, fearing I wouldn’t know what to write down. Guess what? You can do literally whatever you want in the journal. You can draw. Or write. Or scribble, Or paint. Or tape things to the pages. Having a little space to get all the heart things out is useful and comforting.

Water a plant

My apartment looks like a green house. Plants do so much for our hearts and even add to the air quality inside our homes! Try to find an indoor plant that will flourish in your habitat and you’ll be surprised at how happy this tiny investment will make you.

Value yourself

This one is not always easy, but if you do a little every day, it becomes easier. Establish boundaries, advocate for your needs, and be gentle towards your disappointments. 2014 taught me how important loving myself is, and how when I love myself and value myself I am able to love and value others in the ways I’ve always wanted to.

iphone bedtime

I’ve always had my phone on 24/7. Always accessible to the world and with that came late night alerts and needless, mind numbing scrolling for hours late at night. Set a realistic time to power down, and stick to it. Phones are so cool! But being connected to the life right in front of you will leave a sweeter impression on your heart.

Stretch it out

You don’t need to be a yogi to know how to stretch out your limbs. Every morning, before you even get out of bed, stretch out those muscles. There are a lot of useful tips on how to stretch properly online and on Pinterest. Being limber aint’ no joke! Give your muscles a hug this coming year and stretch it out!

Honor yourself

You are important. Your feelings matter. You are not alone. Speak up! Ask for what you want, whether it be a hug, a break, or more understanding. It is not selfish to be self-centered. Honor your feelings and needs!

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