This magician’s first wedding dance with his new wife is actually magical

We know, you guys. Wedding dance videos are pretty much taking over the Internet right now. We get it. There are a lot of them out there. But trust us, this one is special. Magical, actually, because the groom is a legit professional magician.

Justin Willman married Jillian Sipkins last week, and for their first dance, the happy couple chose the song I Put a Spell on You. Because of course they did. I mean, is there a better song for a magician and his gorgeous new bride to dance to at their wedding? Nope, there’s not. (Speaking of gorgeous, can we talk about that wedding gown for a minute? Because GORGEOUS. But I digress.)

The dance begins as most other wedding dances do — with the groom sitting in a chair and the bride dancing around him in a flirty hey-we-just-got-married way. But things get interesting (real quick) when the groom, being a magician and all, puts his wife in some sort of trance. She falls into his arms, and it’s all very Wedding Crashers meets Harry Potter. (A weird combination, we know. But it works magnificently.)

Soon, things take a surprising (and totally amazing) turn when, in a moment of kick-ass role reversal, the bride puts a spell on her groom. Then it all gets kind of cray. The groom somehow levitates in a way that defies all natural laws of science.


We honestly don’t know, but we loved it. A lot. Let this fun couple put a spell on you, and take a look at the video in its entirety below.

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