Lilian Min
March 20, 2015 6:00 am

English singer-songwriter Lucy Rose has been building buzz ever since the release of her debut album, 2012’s Like I Used To, but 2015 might be the year she finally breaks into the mainstream. Her song “Shiver” was used to close out a recent episode of Girls (I’m sure I’m not the only one who immediately Shazam-ed it), and was also featured as the opening theme for, randomly enough, the animated Japanese TV show MushishiNow, she’s poised to release sophomore album Work It Out this July, and if her first single is anything to judge by, album number two’s going to be providing a lot of our summer jams.

“Our Eyes” is a pretty, poppy song on its own, but the music video is a hundred different kinds of amazing. Rose apparently invited some of the world’s animals to dinner, except that she’s the dinner. It’s an off-beat concept, but, like a witch gathering familiars, Rose embraces the weirdness and also her furry, feathered, and water-bound friends.

So while we wouldn’t suggest covering yourself in sausages and biscuits around dogs or swimming unprotected around sharks, Rose seems to be enjoying the animal attention in “Our Eyes.” And at the very least, that French fry suit is ridiculous(ly awesome).

Work It Out comes out on July 13. We’ll be keeping an ear out for any new Rose tunes, but until then, “Our Eyes” is going on our heavy rotation.