Kit Steinkellner
Updated Jun 28, 2015 @ 11:43 am
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We’ve heard of cats and dogs and even toddlers becoming Instagram stars, but a WALL? Hold onto your butts, everyone, we’re entering a new era of Insta here.

Well, to be fair, this isn’t just any plain, boring old wall we’re talking about. As the Guardian reports, the #lovewall, created by artist James Goldcrown, is a crowd of multi-colored hearts spray-painted onto a grey wall outside L’Asso, the family-run pizzeria that commissioned the piece. In a world where every fashion blogger is looking for a great place to pose, and even your average, run-of-the-mill selfie-taker wants a cool backdrop for their Insta of the day, the #lovewall has become a social media destination. Goldcrown spray painted the handy-dandy hashtags #bleedinghearts and #lovewall next to the piece for Instagram ease, and it seems like the #lovewall hashtag in particular has really caught on. Goldcrown reports that #lovewall is tagged up to a hundred times a day.

When the Guardian asked Goldcrown why he thought his wall had become a social media celeb, the artist had a few ideas:

“I can see the appeal to a fashionable eye – the colours are bound to match something. But it’s also fun. People like that, to liven up their social media presence. Maybe people are looking for more in their Instagrams.”

Of course, this is New York City we’re talking about, the #lovewall isn’t the only rad Insta backdrop out there. The Guardian awesomely tipped us off to @PhotogenicWalls, run by Eva Chen, who takes social media users on a tour of the city’s best selfie backdrops. Here are some of our faves.

Now we want to go on a selfie trip to NYC and hit up the #lovewall (and all these other rad walls, too)!

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