Channing Sargent
September 18, 2016 12:16 pm

Confession: We’ve fallen in love with a birdie in a birthday suit.

The illness attacks the feather follicles and the beak and claw matrices, and is extremely contagious to birds only. Because of her lack of feathers, Rhea can’t fly. She has sensitive skin and because she gets really cold, her instagram fans have started sending her custom sweaters.

When she saw a social media post from her Yorkie’s vet about a featherless lovebird needing a home, she immediately volunteered to adopt her. With a passion for animals, and a brother with disabilities, Eisenmann knew she’d be able to take care of Rhea’s special needs.

She has a happy, outgoing personality, is extremely social, loves to sing and run around in the house.

You can see from the number of followers that Rhea’s a social media star, and super well-deserving of the attention. If only all of us could be as cheerful and confident as Rhea. #gogirl #rolemodel