Picture of RaRa the Bear

We all had that one special stuffed animal as kids. The one we loved unconditionally, dragged everywhere and generally couldn’t stand to be without. Four-year-old Phoebe Steel’s beloved stuffed animal is a bear named RaRa, but on a recent flight, the animal was lost at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Her mom, Jen Heuvelmans Steel, immediately sprung into action to find the missing furry friend. The first thing she did was reach out to the airport on Facebook to see if they could find RaRa. Miraculously, they found him in the lost and found!

Instead of just send the bear back, the airport proceeded to do the nicest, sweetest thing imaginable: They publicly documented RaRa’s journey back to Phoebe on their Facebook page. And what a trip it was! The bear went through security, stopped by the gift shop and rode on a moving sidewalk.

Once RaRa was safely back in Phoebe’s arms in Saskatoon, Mama Jen posted this adorable photo and message of gratitude to the airport’s Facebook page.

Losing your RaRa or your Scruffy or your Gunky is a traumatic experience. Kudos to the kind people at the Toronto Pearson International Airport for not only taking the time to find and return RaRa, but for making the process incredibly memorable.

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[Featured image via Facebook]