Jill Layton
Updated December 10, 2014 7:14 am

The Nebraska Humane Society found a festively dressed sheep roaming the streets of Omaha. He was wearing a Christmas sweater, so he was obviously on his way to an ugly Christmas sweater party and took a wrong turn somewhere.

The Humane Society was hoping to find the sheep’s owner through Facebook:

Here’s something we don’t see every day! Over the weekend, this sheep was found wandering the streets of Omaha spreading Christmas Cheer in his holiday sweater! Animal Control was called and brought him in. If you’re missing a sheep that enjoys wearing Christmas sweaters, he’s here at NHS. He’s not currently available for adoption, but we’ll let people know when he’ll be available. #ChristmasSheep

And guess what? They found they owners! A Christmas miracle!

According to his owners, Gage, an indoor sheep, must have slipped out of the front door when it was open. Naturally, his family was incredibly worried about him, but thanks to the Humane Society’s Facebook post, Gage and his humans were all reunited — and it feels so good.

If we have learned anything from this post, it’s that sheep sometimes just wanted to spread Christmas cheer. They also like sweaters.

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