jessica tholmer
September 29, 2015 2:48 pm

Some people are just so darn clever.

And Jamie McGloin‎ is one of them. After purchasing some pasta from Woolworths in Melbourne, Australia, McGloin decided to take to Facebook to have a little fun with the supermarket. McGloin, quoting everyone’s favorite Eminem song, “Lose Yourself,” (from his 2002, semi-biographical film 8 Mile) wrote this on Woolworths’ Facebook page:

Every company aims to interact well in the social networking world and engage with its clientele — and clearly Woolworths has it down pat.

Woolworths hit the young man back with a little Eminem spirit of its own.

And now, the post has over 33,000 shares and 116,000 likes —probably because it’s hilarious and makes us super nostalgic. And probably because now you can’t get “Lose Yourself” out of your head (#sorrynotsorry). Adorably enough, commenters have jumped in with the lyrics:

While others are just in awe of Woolworths (also, we see that Beyonce reference and we love it):

And others were down for some good puns:

Of course I personally love a good throwback reference being used in a clever way on the ol’ Internet. And bringing an Eminem, Woolsworth-loving community together. Kudos to both McGloin‎ and Woolworths for cracking us up.

Images via Facebook.