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Lorelai Gilmore is the mother that everyone wanted to have growing up. Okay, let’s be honest she’s still the mom that we all want to have and or want to be. Even before Gilmore Girls was coming back into our lives with its Netflix revival, we were obsessed with Lorelai and we’re finally going to explain why.

She was the ultimate mom and definitely the cool mom, but not in a Mean Girls sort of way. Lorelai was amazingly composed when she needed to be, always had a good time and was her daughter Rory’s best friend by choice. Who wouldn’t want to have that sort of mom? Keep reading to find out why she will forever be the best TV mom.

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Happiness over healthiness. Dieting was never a thing in Gilmore land, which just made their lives easier and better. Lorelai never harped on Rory to eat right and therefore she never had body issues (well, not really).

Movie and game nights. Lorelai and Rory always had mother-daughter nights in and they were adorable. One time Lorelai couldn’t find a full game, so she created her own one called Candyship Battleland, which they played while having a movie night with pizza. AKA, she was the best mom ever.

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Dance-a-thon partner. When neither one of the Gilmore girls had a partner for the Stars Hollow dance-a-thon they decided to pair up and dance the night away, for a trophy obviously. It just showed that they could always lean on each other, literally and figuratively. Oh, and in case you needed more proof, it also showed that Lorelai was super fun.

Birthday parties to die for. Every party Lorelai threw for Rory was ah-mazing. Actually every party she threw for anyone, even the makeshift bachelorette party for Lane Kim was awesome. She might’ve gotten this talent from her mom Emily Gilmore, which let’s face it wouldn’t have been the worst thing to get from her, those dinner parties she threw were on point.

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Not being a total square. If you didn’t wish Lorelai was your mom at least a time or two you were lying, because she was super fun and outgoing. She was not the stereotypical “lame” parent. In fact she was a little too crazy and wild sometimes, but that’s why we loved her so much.

Dorm takeout party. One the best best moments in Lorelai’s history of being the number one mom was when she moved Rory into college. First of all, she bought her anything and everything she needed and wouldn’t leave until she felt confident. Rory then called her back and asked her to sleepover, which in itself was awesome. The best part was when Loreali invited all the girls on Rory’s floor over to try a bunch of takeout places and rate the food and delivery boys. Come on, she was just he coolest.

Boss babe. She ran her own inn, worked hard and somehow stayed afloat with out any real help from anyone. Plus, she worked with her bestie, which proved that you can do what you love and love what you do.

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Band practice hideout. She wasn’t just a mom to her own daughter, but she was also a motherly figure to Lane, who was Rory’s BFF. She even allowed Lane’s band to practice in her garage and kept her alternative band persona a secret.

Sacrificing her Fridays for Rory’s education. Lorelai had a very tense relationship with her own parents, but she needed money for Rory and Rory was her number one priority. She decided to be indebted to her crazy parents in order for her daughter to excel in life, which was so selfless.

Trust, trust, trust. Rory messed up a time or two, because she was human, but Lorelai never stopped trusting her. They had fights and even stopped talking once, but the trust was always there. It was serious life goals on the trust scale.

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Eurotrip guru. When Rory graduated from high school, her grandparents got her a car, which was awesome, but her mom took her backpacking through Europe, so she won, not that it was a contest. They stalked Bono and carried backpacks and ate a lot of food, but most importantly they did it all together.

She never gave up. Even though she was technically a high school dropout, she never let that keep her from achieving her goals. She even went back to school and got her degree. Plus, on a non work-related note, when relationships got tough she never back down. She was a fighter and a total role model.

Partner in crime. Loreali did everything with her daughter, and we mean everything. She had unconditional love for her Rory, was willing to take the blame for anything she did and she was always down for a crazy adventure. She was the perfect partner in crime and we were SO envious.

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The ballroom dancing debacle. After discovering that Rory was going to college earlier than they expected, Lorelai let her go to Friday night dinner while she ran all of the school errands, which again proved how good of a mom she was. The best part and the funniest however, was when Emily wouldn’t let Rory leave and instead made her watch ballroom dancing competitions. Lorelai came to her rescue and together they ate biscotti and judge the dancers. It was glorious.

All of those catchphrases. The Gilmore ladies had an entirely unique way of talking and it somehow made them cooler. When Lorelai wasn’t making ridiculously awesome pop culture references she was making up hilarious catchphrases that constantly had us laughing. Really, will you ever forget this line…

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She never panicked about Rory’s grades, like ever. She was hilarious and laid back in all the right ways.

Boy advice. Rory went through a few breakups on the series and her mom was always there to pick her back up. Seriously, she had amazing advice which sounded like this: “Listen, I’ve had my heart broken before. It’s really hard. It’s hard for everyone. So, can I give you a little advice? I think what you really need to do today is wallow. Get back in your pajamas, got to bed, eat nothing but gallons of ice cream and tons of pizza. Don’t take a shower or shave your legs or put on any kind of makeup at all. And just sit in the dark and watch a really sad movie and have a good long cry and just wallow.” #Preach.

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The moment she cut Rory out when she left Yale. Okay, so it would totally suck if your mom cut you out, but in the long run this is what Rory needed in order to know that what she was doing was wrong. Seriously, it was SO stupid.

Closet envy. Come on, you know you wanted to raid Lorelai’s closet at least once throughout the seven seasons. Her style was ah-amazing and it made us love her even more. From quirky tees to hair bandanas, she could do no wrong.

Best friend for life. No matter what happened Lorelai was the best friend ever. She was the greatest friend to Sookie St. James, was always there for Luke Danes and she was the best friend to Rory. Honestly, she was a friend to everyone in Stars Hollow and we’d be lucky to have a friend like her, especially as a mom.

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Seriously, can Lorelai Gilmore be all of our moms? She was the absolute coolest and I not-so-secretly want to be her when I grow up. Can you blame me?