Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 01, 2016 @ 4:06 pm
Credit: Paramount Pictures

The struggle with growing up is that sometimes you don’t look the age you’re supposed to look. When you’re in college, you look like a college kid, and then you leave college and still look like a college freshmen. It’s frustrating. You can change your hair, wear lots of two-piece suits, and throw around all sorts of adult jargon, but plain and simple, you still look young no matter how hard you try not to.

This is an ongoing issue for many, and it gets even worse throwing the ~work force~ into the mix. Congrats on landing your new Big Girl job! But oh yeah, everyone is going to assume you’re 5-10 years younger than you really are. The struggle is REAL.

1. Your co-workers don’t invite you out for after work functions, because they don’t think you’re of age.

Friday night, everyone’s going out, and you somehow miss the invitation. Actually, you didn’t miss it. You intentionally weren’t invited, because no one wants to take a youngin out to the bar that they won’t even be able to get into.

2. Everyone assumes you’re the new intern for your first week of work

Someone may suggest you do a coffee run.

3. Some ask if this is your “summer job”

Maybe they won’t come out and ask if it’s your summer job, but rather probe into how your summer vacation is going, and when you’re heading back to school, and what your major is, and if your parents are excited to have you back home for a few months, and what’s it like being back in your childhood bedroom, and you’re like, “no.”

4. Co-workers “baby” you

Thinking that this is your first time in the ~real world~ many seasoned co-workers will take extra special care of you. Like, double checking that you’ve got the right work supplies, always making sure you’re invited out to lunch, seeing if you’ve got a ride home from work, like your parents dropped you off at the office complex in the morning on their way to work.

5. You’re passed over for Important Tasks because the higher-ups don’t think you can handle it

In any competitive field, when it comes down to two equally qualified applications, age might play a factor. Your bosses might not think you’re up to a challenge if they think you graduated college two weeks ago.

6. People are cautious about saying things around you that might not be appropriate for your age

Know how there’s “adult humor?” It’s super awkward when everyone is joking around in the work kitchen and then you walk in and everyone stops joking around, scared that they might say something that will go right over your head or offend you. Even worse when someone suggests you put figurative earmuffs on.

7. Co-workers try to set you up with their their WAY YOUNGER son/daughter

Raise your hand if a mom/dad at work as ever tried to set you up with their child who is a solid 10 years younger than you and still trying to find their way through the world and you’re like, “I’m already in so much student debt and they’re not so I can’t.”

8. Your age is a topic of discussion all the time

It’s almost like your age has become a joke. It’s used as ice breaker at meetings like, “You’ll never guess how old Rachel is! Guess!” and then you feel super awkward during the rest of the very long conference call, because it feels like no one is taking your seriously, and everyone is trying to figure out how you could be that age and look the way you do.