look for in a bff
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A best friend is, well, the best. They're the keeper of your innermost secrets, the one whose shoulder is always available for a good cry, and the one who you really dream of growing old with. You know, your true soulmate. Friendship is a unique type of love because, unlike family, you get to choose who you want as "your person." That's why finding the right best friend for your personality and values is so important.

Having trouble determining what you should look for in a BFF? Let your zodiac sign be your guide.

Best friends are important, and letting them into your life should be treated as such. In other words, you have the right to be choosy when it comes to giving someone your BFF badge. Finding the right best friend who syncs up with your magic is one of the universe's greatest gifts, but just in case you need an extra push, here's what you should look for in a BFF, according to your zodiac sign.


Because you're so headstrong and impulsive, Aries, you need someone who's able to tell you, with respect and love, to dial it down a bit and keep your head in check. A friend who really doesn't mind playing second banana to your intense leadership is also a good thing.


Your stubborn and sloth-like tendencies require a certain type of finesse, Taurus. You need a friend who won't easily butt heads with your innate willpower, but who will also give you that much-needed nudge when you need to make that change that you're procrastinating on.


Your crazy energetic vibe means you need someone who's able to keep up with you, Gemini. Someone who can hold their own with you intellectually is a definite must. And due to your moody nature (you are the twins, after all), a friend who is flexible and has no problem giving you space is a must.


You're a homebody who likes what you like and doesn't stray from the familiar, Cancer. This means that your ideal BFF is someone who's also as introverted and introspective as you are, but who might also push you to experience new heights. Because motivating is also what best friends do best.


Because you desire the spotlight like no other sign, Leo, you need a best friend who doesn't see you as competition and instead loves that you are the star of the show. Someone who's easy-going, selfless, and who can also bring you back down to earth is your ideal bestie.


You're a perfectionist with incredibly high standards, Virgo, so your BFF is someone who takes your hypercriticism in stride. Also, because you love having deep, spiritually minded conversations, you'll want a friend who can engage with you on the same level. You're looking for a powerhouse bestie.


Librans are all about balance, socializing, and the finer things in life, which is why you need a friend who doesn't feel threatened by your social butterfly tendencies. Your BFF should be someone who also wants to step up their game when it comes to power, ambition, and looking good. Together, you are a #bossteam.


You're super mysterious at times, Scorpio, which means you need a best friend who can help you reveal your vulnerability and gain your trust easily. Though you have bold taste, you're actually an introverted soul, so you also need someone who likes doing quiet things together.


Being as independent and focused as you are means your ultimate BFF is another like-minded lone wolf who's equally as ambitious. The key here is that you both honor your respective goals and space, and feel confident and secure within your friendship — without any sense of competition.


Dear Capricorns are stubborn, ambitious, and practical — yet they're also compassionate and selfless souls. Their ideal bestie is someone who embraces and shrugs off their single-mindedness while giving them as much love and consideration as they dole out. A thoughtful friend is the best kind of friend to have.


You're pretty low-maintenance, Aquarius, but you can also be a complicated and deep individual, which is why you need someone who's carefree. You need someone who proves themselves to be an amazing sounding board. Because you lean toward complacency sometimes, a BFF who can give you a nudge is good, too.


You're super sensitive and emotional, Pisces, so your ideal bestie is someone who's respectful of your feelings. Because you're also easy-going, your perfect BFF is someone who is a "go with the flow" sort, but who's also more on the decisive side. They'll help you break free from your routine as you explore new things together.

There's an ideal best friend out there for everyone, bbs. The most important thing is you find someone who appreciates and loves you FOR YOU.