Margaret Eby
May 23, 2014 12:06 pm

Five years, ago designer Dawn Nadeau was on the hunt for a woman astronaut action figure for her little girl’s toy spaceship. But the selection of children’s toys was split between pretty, pretty princesses and burly action figures aimed at boys.

So she teamed up with Julie Kerwin to create something missing in the children’s toy market: a fierce female action figure.

“We discovered that the typical female action figure on the market isn’t actually designed for girls at all (or boys),” the team wrote on their web page. “Instead, most are created for the adult male collector, decidedly more Hooters than Heroine.”

Inspired by Joan of Arc, Kerwin and Nadeau envisioned IAmElemental, a line of women superheroes based on a play on the periodic table. Each figure has powers derived not from a radioactive accident, but from their character: bravery, honesty, persistence, enthusiasm, and industry, among other traits.

Notably, some of those traits are physical.

“We set out to design a series of figures with healthier breast, waist and hip ratios; fierce, strong females worthy of an active, save-the-world storyline that fosters creativity in kids,” they wrote.

The team posted their idea on Kickstarter, seeking $35,000 for production costs. With 19 days to go, the team has not only reached their funding goal, they’ve got close to triple the amount they originally asked for.

Kerwin and Nadeau plan to roll out their first line of super-heroines in December. But that’s just the beginning.

“We’re just getting started,” the team wrote, adding that they hope IAmElemental will “spark a movement for more choice in toys.” Time to move over, Barbie.