Even though most of us haven’t actually kissed under mistletoe, we all know what we’re supposed to do if/when we see a twiggy green bundle above us: Kiss whoever else is under it. The long-standing holiday tradition (born out of Norse mythology) is one of those quirkier ways to celebrate the season, but for some anonymous cheer-spreaders on the London subway (rather, the Tube), it’s also a way to liven up an otherwise unpleasant or dull experience: Riding public transit.

A group calling itself Mistletoe on the Tube (and rallying under the hashtag #MistleTube) has been placing bouquets of mistletoe on several popular Tube lines. The group’s stated mission: “We wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to one of the most miserable places in the capital” and “put love on the line” — basically, an invitation for commuters to engage with each other over some cute holiday cheer.

Londoners have been tickled by the campaign, with many sharing images of the mistletoe:

Though we scoured the #MistleTube tag and haven’t seen shots of anyone kissing, the goal, as clarified by the group’s account, isn’t necessarily to get anyone to actually lock lips. In a response to a tweet bemoaning the fact that Tube riders don’t even look at each other, the group shared, “We thought the same, but amazingly we have seen a (tiny) number of people showing affection to each other.” And true, it’d be actually kind of creepy (not to mention unhygienic) to try and force strangers into swapping spit in crowded public places, but as a public cheer campaign? We’re all about it.

Images via Instagram.