Anna Gragert
February 16, 2016 7:47 pm
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We’re super-duper excited about the Gilmore Girls revival because SO MANY iconic characters will be coming back into our lives. There’s Lorelai and Rory, of course. Also, Luke and Emily and Lane and Paris and… Paul Anka?

Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions / Giphy

That’s right, according to TVLine, Paul Anka the dog will be one of many cast members who are making their way back to Stars Hollow. While this is amazing news that has us clapping with excitement, we have to wonder: How old is Paul Anka at this point?

If you remember correctly, Lorelai adopted the lovable pup during Season 6, when she was recovering from the tragic falling out she had with Rory. Even after they made up, Paul Anka remained with her and continued to be her furry friend until the series finale. Since the series revival will take place in present day, eight years after the original program ended, that would make Paul Anka about… 120 years old, in dog years of course.

Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions / Tumblr

This means that Lorelai (and whoever else she may be living with) will most likely be caring for a senior dog. On the plus side, she didn’t end up killing him like she originally thought she would!

Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions / Tumblr

Then again, we have another question: Why did the Gilmore Girls creators (Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino) decide to keep Paul Anka in the new season’s storyline? Is it because Lorelai needs companionship for some reason? Did her and Luke not work out? Is she fighting with Rory? Or, is it just because Paul Anka is super adorable and will make viewers super happy? (Only time will tell…)

Overall, we’re excited to see how this plotline plays out (as long as Paul Anka stays far away from all things chocolate).

Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions / Tumblr