By Scott Friedstein, FluffPo Correspondent

No one knows how he does it.

According to sources, Flip the dog is a veritable expert when it comes to attracting chicks. Once an average border collie, Flip has intrigued animal lovers and scientific experts alike with his uncanny ability to pick up loads of chicks.

“Flip has a skill virtually unrivaled in the dog community,” says zoologist Kirk Horton. “Or the human community, for that matter. Once chicks come to him, they don’t leave. To be honest, I’m kind of jealous.”

Friends say they’re baffled by the dog’s sudden talent.

“It’s like somebody flipped a switch,” says Ryan Deal. “He never used to get any chicks — they barely even noticed him. But not anymore. Chicks love him.”

And it only got worse over the Easter holiday.

“Oh, man,” says Deal. “The chicks were everywhere. In baskets, in marshmallow form — it was like Christmas for him. But with chicks.”

Featured image via YourFavoriteMartyr