Sundi Rose
Updated Mar 19, 2015 @ 1:34 pm
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You know the feeling? That feeling when the beat drops and you just can’t stop yourself from dancing? Well, this 3-year-old girl definitely knows the feeling, and she couldn’t help but bust out her best moves when she heard LL Cool J’s “Going Back to Cali.” So, not only does this tiny dancer know how to break it all the way down, she’s got excellent taste in music. LL Cool J ought to be jealous of her dance-floor moves because she is straight-up awesome sauce (side note: it seems LL Cool J was jealous of her dance-floor moves because he shared the video on his Facebook page).

Don’t just watch the adorbs vid, make sure to listen too. The times 10 highlight is the moment when she asks her mom: “Do you hear that bass, Mom?” Such a spot-on question and such committed DJ moves.

In addition to her dance flow, she’s got the facial expressions to match. So expressive. Our new favorite 3-year-old does not joke around when it comes to a good groove and she obviously has the skills to prove it.

I won’t stop watching this 30 seconds of cuteness, ever. Also, it was totally time for a “Going Back to Cali” resurgence, so we’re just all-around #winning today.