Trilby Beresford
Updated April 02, 2016

Ever since Lizzie McGuire ended, we’ve been itching to see Ethan Craft in more stuff. Oops, we should probably go by his real name from now on: Clayton Snyder. While Clayton has appeared as a guest star numerous times over the years, it just wasn’t enough for us! Rejoice, however, because now our prayers have come true: He’s going to star in a new show on Disney XD! It’s called Second Star, and word on the street is there’s going to be music and comedy galore, along with teens making their own way in the big world.

Clayton announced this brilliant news on Instagram and it happened to be April Fools Day at the time, but don’t worry, this is not a joke. It’s happening.

The caption read, “GUYS!! I’ve been involved with a Disney XD project, Second Star, and it’s going to be premiering on Maker TV this upcoming Tuesday, April 5, 4pm!!!”

April 5? You read that correctly, in just a few days we can swoon over Clayton in all the glory of his new show! According to the show’s Facebook page, Clayton plays the oldest of three musical siblings who have just lost their father and grandfather in a tragic accident. The teens move to a new town where they’ve inherited their grandfather’s recording studio, called Second Star.

We assume that music helps them deal with the loss, and that they’ll start a brand new life (with frequent outbursts of singing!) The other siblings in the show are played by newcomers Nick Eiter and Haley Michele Gorman, and Stephen Tyler Howell plays a barista called Bucky.

Oh, and by the way, the former cutie-pie adolescent of Lizzie McGuire looks like this now.

So yeah, get excited LIKE WE ARE EXCITED.