Lilian Min
March 08, 2016 11:28 am

Ugh, Mondays — am I right? Liv Tyler gets you, but instead of posting a photo of a grumpy kitten or something similar, she decided to throw it back with a picture of her and Ben Affleck on the set of 1998’s Armageddon:

Armageddon came out on July 1, 1998, which means that this is far from an anniversary throwback. However, we can totally understand why Tyler would tap Armageddon for a Monday ~*feelings*~ post: Who among us hasn’t thought of Monday morning as the literal end of the world?

Tyler and Affleck starred in Armageddon and later Jersey Girl together, and though the two never dated, they clearly still have a close relationship. Back in 2004, Tyler shared, “Out of all the actors I’ve ever worked with, I feel particularly comfortable with Ben. We have some sort of special chemistry. I don’t even know what chemistry means or where it comes from, but it feels very natural for us to be back together.” Affleck seconded this, saying, “I was talking to Liv and she was like, ‘It’s weird, but I think we do have good chemistry together.’ I think what she wanted to say was that it’s weird to have good chemistry with someone that you are not attracted to in real life. She was sort of too polite to go all the way and say it, but it’s true.”

Whatever made Tyler think of Armageddon yesterday, we feel ya. And for anyone who might be confused by her posting decision:

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