Danielle Sepulveres
January 26, 2015 1:10 pm

I have a confession. As much as I tell everyone how fascinated I am by the production and behind the scenes aspect to entertainment (and I truly am), I would sell my entire shoe collection in a New York minute to be in a music video. I attribute it to growing up in the original MTV era of watching music videos after school and trying to imitate crazy dance moves and refurbish my wardrobe to mimic a rock or pop star. The drama and romance of being the girl chased by a handsome guy in a music video? Or part of an epic dance number, in a gorgeous outfit? To this day I still nurture the dream that I one day may meet a musician who will indulge me and make me the “it” girl—or at least one of the “it” girl’s friends—in his or her video. That day may never come and I accept that, but these are eleven videos that I’ve watched over and over wishing I could jump inside their video world.

Aerosmith – “Crazy”

Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler have the coolest day ever in this video. I felt this way more than ten years ago, and still believe it today. They sneak out of school, drive off in a convertible, win an amateur striptease contest, meet a cute guy, go skinny dipping with him, and then prank him by driving off with his clothes. Everything I would have never had the nerve to do when this video first came out. It has a fun “Thelma & Louise” vibe but with a much happier end. It’s also important to note the killer silver metallic bra that Liv Tyler sports in one particular scene.

Katy Perry – Roar

As a big fan of the show “Lost,” as soon as I saw the first couple seconds of this video I was hooked. I always love playing the game of “what three things would you take to a deserted island,” and it appears that Katy’s video boyfriend is obviously not one of them. I love all the animals in this video, but more so, I love that the video ends with her taking over as the proverbial Queen of the Jungle.

En Vogue – Free Your Mind

There’s an episode of “Sex and The City” where Carrie gets to be in a fashion show, and while she ends up as self-proclaimed fashion road kill, she still ends up relishing the lights, the cameras, the jeweled underwear, and that long daunting walk down the runway. In this En Vogue video there is no fashion road kill: all the women are sexy, leather-clad goddesses strutting up and down the runway singing about breaking down stereotypes. I do not want to be a model at all, but this video makes me want to take just one stroll down a runway in a crazy cool outfit with stiletto heels (and hopefully not fall on my face).

Beyoncé – Best Thing I Never Had

It’s pretty easy to fantasize about being in any one of Beyoncè’s videos, including back to the days of Destiny’s Child. I love this one particularly because it’s exactly how I’ve felt when processing a bad breakup, at the moment when you’re finally over all the emotional baggage and can laugh at yourself for all the time you invested trying to make it work with the wrong person now that you’ve found someone who is worthy of your amazingness. Plus, Beyoncè’s video wedding is totally romantic, her video wedding dress is gorgeous, and her video wedding night lingerie is super sexy. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun

This is the quintessential girls’ night out song, and although the video is cheesy, the New York lover in me adores it. Considering I spend a great deal of time with my headphones in walking down the streets of Manhattan and on the subways, I am sometimes tempted to dance when a really great upbeat song comes on my shuffle. Not only does Cyndi give in to that temptation, she leads a whole crowd dancing back to her parents’ house for the party of the decade. I also love this video for nostalgia sake since Cyndi calls all of her friends up on the phone. Remember when we called people on the phone?

Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark

Speaking of dancing! This video would be a dream come true for me. Imagine being front row at your favorite rock star’s concert, and not only does he make eyes at you, he pulls you up onstage to dance with him?! Amazing. Whether or not you love Bruce Springsteen—as a Jersey-born girl it’s not really a choice for me—anyone can appreciate how exciting this would be if it happened. And if you can’t? I guarantee you’ll at least squeal over how cute a young Courtney Cox is with her pixie cut, totally cool under pressure with her adorable dance moves in this video.

Rihanna featuring Justin Timberlake – Rehab

There is something about this video that is so sexy to me. The desert. The cool car. Rihanna’s outfits and seductive poses. Rihanna and Justin don’t even really do anything all that scandalous, it’s just the tension of watching them circle each other that’s hot. Even though I love to watch JT dance, I had to pick this video over any of those solely based on the way he walks towards Rihanna and stares at her for the duration of the song. It gives me chills. I totally believe—and want!—the chemistry of this video relationship.

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Someone once said to me that life is too short to deny that Taylor Swift’s songs get stuck in your head, and I completely agree. While I don’t fantasize about taking a golf club to my boyfriend’s car, I do like to daydream about the perfect mansion, horseback riding, having a picnic, and slow dancing in a beautifully decorated room. Riding bikes in the house also seems like a good time. Mostly I love the overall world Taylor Swift creates in this video, poking fun of herself and what haters might say, while she parades around in fabulous outfits being, well. . . fabulous! Irene Cara – Flashdance. . .What A Feeling

If you haven’t seen the movie Flashdance, this music video is essentially the trailer. A steel worker by day and exotic dancer by night, Jennifer Beals’ character legitimately made me consider being a welder. She falls in love with a guy who totally believes in her and her talent to dance and she ends the film with a kickass dance number to this song as her audition to get into the academy she’s been aspiring to attend but was afraid to actually try for. The clips of the movie in this video make me desperately wish I could dance well (and that off the shoulder shirts could always be in style).

Britney Spears – Toxic

What is happening in this video?! She’s a flight attendant in a Jetsons’ style outfit. She’s a superhero who can fly. She’s a temptress. A vixen. She’s covered in rhinestones! On a motorcycle racing through Paris! This fictional world seems dangerous, exhilarating, and totally fashion-conscious, and I would love to spend a day (or more!) there.

B-52 – Love Shack

If the party in “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” is the party of the decade, the “Love Shack” video is holding the party of the century. If there’s already a Chrysler that seats about twenty to get there, you know it’s going to be huge. There’s dancing, martinis, bubble baths, and everyone gets strangely excited about a rusted tin roof. I will always love this video and want to go to this party simply because every single person in it looks like they are in the happiest place on earth (sorry, Disneyland).

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